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28. Mar, 2018
New book!
My latest book 'Fashionable white-embroidered accessories: c.1840 to 1900' is now in print and I am happy to be able to start fulfilling orders. It continues the story of whiteworked accessories through the Victorian period, following on from my earlier books. It is in the same format with lots of photographs, patterns and informative text. The cover price is £19.75 but, as before, I will supply it on a postage-free basis within the U.K. and at a reduced postage cost elsewhere. Please email me DIRECT on htac2000@gmail.com for orders or queries - Simple Site does not give me an email address for anyone who posts a comment on my site so I can't come back to you direct with an answer!

Welcome to my website!

Mid 18th century Dresden-work kerchief

On the following pages you will find:

     My publications:

P2     My new book - 'Fashionable white-embroidered accessories: c.1840 to 1900'

p3     'White-embroidered costume accessories: the 1790s to 1840s'  

p4     'Baby wore white: Robes for special occasions, 1800 - 1910'

p5     'Embroidered with white: the 18th century fashion for Dresden lace and other whiteworked accessories'

p6     'Antique Lace: identifying types and techniques' (A Schiffer publication)

p7     'European Laces: an introduction'


p8     Something about me

p9     Contact me/ How to buy my books




Ends of two mid 18th century bobbin lace lappets: Mechlin - left; Valenciennes - right
Mid 1830s whiteworked fichu-pelerine
Mid 1830s paper doll with a complex fichu-pelerine over her striped dress

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DONE Sending...

Heather Toomer | Reply 13.11.2018 08.00

Yes, the 1790s-1840s book is still available. Cost £29 to U.S.A. Please contact me on htac2000@gmail.com or send £29 to my Paypal account at that email. Heather

Hazel Tunbridge | Reply 06.06.2018 10.43

Was delighted to get your new book this morning.

Jérôme Beillieu | Reply 06.12.2017 09.38

Bonjour Madame ,

I was visiting a Friend in Paris ( Henric Caldas) who showed me your publication about white work .. I would love to buy your volumes ..

Heather Toomer 07.12.2017 15.13

Bonjour, Thank you for your interest. Do you want all my books? Please contact me on htac2000@gmail.com - I will give you a good price including postage Heather

gin dunscombe | Reply 07.11.2017 15.31

We have a collection of lace from my grandmother (1900 - 1976) and would like someone knowledgeable to look at it. Please could you recommend someone? Thank you

Heather Toomer 08.11.2017 07.34

Dear Gin,
I am always happy to advise on lace collections. Do contact me direct on htac2000@gmail.com and we can discuss options for me to see it. Heather

Heather Toomer | Reply 15.08.2015 09.45

Dear Heather,
I am happy to help if I can.
Can you send me some pictures? Do email me on htac2000@gmail.com or ring on 01761 241540.

Heather Griffin | Reply 15.08.2015 01.50

Dear Heather, I am currently cataloging my antique dress collection your lovely books have been so helpful but I am stuck on two pieces, can you help me?

S. | Reply 04.04.2014 16.25

I would like to order a copy of 'Baby wore white"

Heather Toomer 06.04.2014 18.57

Can you pay by Paypal? Email me on htac2000@gmail.com with your Paypal and postal addresses. I'll be very happy to send a book on receipt of payment. H

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13.11 | 08:00

Yes, the 1790s-1840s book is still available. Cost £29 to U.S.A. Please contact me on htac2000@gmail.com or send £29 to my Paypal account at that email. Heather

12.11 | 17:41

Is the 1790-1840s book still available? Cost plus shipping to the US, please?

26.07 | 09:51

Hello Johan, Please send £25 to my paypal account (Heather Toomer at email htac2000@gmail.com) and I will get the book in the post to you on receipt. Thanks

25.07 | 17:41

I want to order a copy of Embroidered with White. Please inform me how I can trnsfer the amount due for postage to Europe.

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