Portrait of Mary Strickland, courtesy of The Mapledurham Trust

Embroidered with White: the 18th century fashion for Dresden lace and other whiteworked accessories

 Published by Heather Toomer Antique Lace  ISBN 978-0-9542730-2-6

180 pages with over 300  colour and black and white illustrations of original 18th century whiteworked accessories, portraits and costume plates showing how they were worn, and 20 accurate patterns to facilitate reproduction of many examples.

The sheer beauty of Dresden lace, the virtuosity of its stitching and intricacy of its designs, have always found it a place in books on lace and embroideries but little has been written on how this lace, or embroidery as it should more properly be called, fitted into the general fashion scene in the 18th century. This fully-illustrated book places Dresden lace in context, examining how it was used, how it related to other whitework embroideries of

the period and how designs and stitches changed from about 1710 to 1800. Kerchiefs, aprons, sleeve ruffles and waistcoats are all included together with a sprinkling of allied articles, such as bags, pockets and stomachers. Photographs show a wide range of original items including details of the embroidery stitches, together with portraits and costume illustrations. It is hoped these will provide inspiration for embroiderers and fashion designers alike, while measurements and patterns will be helpful to those involved in accurate reproductions for stage, screen etc.

Tips are given on washing and conservation. There is also information on where original items may be studied in public collections.


This book will be of interest to anyone concerned with the care and cataloguing of a costume or embroidery collection, embroiderers and other designers seeking inspiration, costume and general social historians and anyone with a love of fine craftmanship.

Prices including postage: £19.75 within the U.K.; £26 to Europe; £30 including postage to the U.S.A. and Canada; £30.50 to Australia. Please email me on to ask for costs of postage elsewhere or combined charges for several books.



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Heather Toomer | Reply 15.03.2019 18:11

Sorry, Cathy, I don't have a link to buy - contact me on my email I shall be very happy to sell you a book.

Cathy Thorpe | Reply 15.03.2019 17:31

Hi, I can’t find a link to buy (I’m sure I’m just being thick!). I’m in the UK.

valerie cox | Reply 16.02.2019 19:46

forgot I am in the USA. So please include the postage that I will need to get to the USA. Thank you for your time

Valerie Cox 17.02.2019 20:58 thank you for your time.

Heather Toomer 17.02.2019 16:45

Dear Valerie,
I need your email address so that I can contact you and invoice you through Paypal - addresses are not passed on to me through the site.

Heather Toomer | Reply 03.02.2019 08:50

Thank you for your interest. Please give me your E.mail address so that I can sen you an invoice.
regards, Heather

valerie Cox | Reply 02.02.2019 18:44

Heather I would like to buy the Embroidered with White book I can pay with paypal.

valerie cox 02.02.2019 18:45

forgot I am in the USA. So please include the postage that I will need to get to the USA. Thank you for your time

Heather Toomer | Reply 26.07.2018 09:51

Hello Johan, Please send £25 to my paypal account (Heather Toomer at email and I will get the book in the post to you on receipt. Thanks

Johan Trlouw | Reply 25.07.2018 17:41

I want to order a copy of Embroidered with White. Please inform me how I can trnsfer the amount due for postage to Europe.

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Hi Debbie, The 3 whitework books) will cost £84 including postage to U.S.A. Please send payment to me - the site does not give me your email. Thanks, Heather

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I sent email already with my paypal, but am interested in all but the baby book. Can you smail back cost of all with posyage to US in that return email. I didnt

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Hello Pamela,
All my books are available. Please contact me on my email

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I am interested in this book, is it still available?

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