How to buy my books:

I'm sorry I'm not yet organised for you to buy through this site.

Please email me DIRECT on for orders or queries - Simple Site does not give me an email address for anyone who posts a comment on my site so I can't come back to you direct with an answer!

Book prices including postage:

UK  Europe  USA/Canada  Australia

European Laces                             £5         £8           £9           £9

Baby wore white                                   £17.50    £23.75     £27.50     £28.00

Embroidered with white                    £19.75    £26.00     £30.00     £30.50

White-embroidered costume accessories 

 £19.75    £26.00    £30.00    £30.50

Fashionable white-embroidered accessories: c.1840 to 1900

£19.95    £26.50    £30.50     £31.00

Antique lace £39.75 (UK)

Please ask for cost of postage elsewhere or combined charges for several books.

Please note: I am happy to take UK cheques and postal orders or payments through Paypal.

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DONE Sending...

Cricket | Reply 29.12.2017 14:25

Dear Heather,
I am interested in purchasing all of your books. How is the best way to proceed? You could send an invoice to my Paypal account,which is my email

heather Toomer 29.12.2017 16:30

Hi, Paypal is fine but I need a postal address to calculate postage. Please contact me on - the site does not give me your email. Best wishes

Samantha Hayman | Reply 23.08.2017 12:14

I'd very much like to get hold of both Embroidered with White and White Embroidered Costume Accessories, to be sent to New Zealand. Are they still available?

Heather Toomer 23.08.2017 23:18

Yes, both available. Cost including air mail to N.Z. is £59 - sorry, no reduction for 2 as post has risen. Please email to arrange.

Vicki | Reply 08.08.2017 01:21

I'm interested in purchasing Embroidered with White, White Embroidered Costume Accessories, and European Laces. I'm in the US. Can you give ma combined cost?

Ann Rosenthal | Reply 23.06.2017 11:50

Thanks for message, yes I will have European Laces .... will pay by Paypal if possible .... thanks.

Ann Rosenthal | Reply 17.06.2017 17:07

Hello Heather,
Would like your book 'European Lace' please let me know the price + post.
I am UK and bought from you several times before and love them all.

Heather Toomer 18.06.2017 17:50

Dear Ann,
Glad you like my books. European Laces is now £5.50 including post I'm afraid - postage has gone up since I last updated. If that's OK please email me

Joady Gorelick | Reply 08.10.2015 08:30

I would like to buy a copy of your book "White-embroidered Costume Accessories". I have a PayPal account and live in the US. Please advise. Thank you

Lori a. Croy | Reply 13.09.2015 03:40

Dear Heather
I just want to thank you for your book:Antique Lace. I am new to lace collecting and your book is a godsend. Lori

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01.08 | 07:34

Hello Pamela,
All my books are available. Please contact me on my email

31.07 | 22:44

I am interested in this book, is it still available?

02.03 | 23:47

Hello Rowena,
I'm sorry - the site will not pass on your details so I cannot contact you. Could you please use my contact details on this website.

02.03 | 19:52

Hello Heather. Could you contact me please, I don’t know your number

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