How to buy my books:

I'm sorry I'm not yet organised for you to buy through this site  but you can send me an email at

or telephone me on

(+44) (0)1761 241540

Book prices including postage:

UK  Europe  USA/Canada  Australia

European Laces                             £5         £8           £9              £9

Baby wore white                       £17.50    £22.75     £26.50       £27.00

Embroidered with white            £19.75    £25.00     £29.00       £29.50

White-embroidered costume accessories                                     £19.75    £25.00     £29.00       £29.50

Antique lace £39.75 (UK)

Please ask for cost of postage elsewhere or combined charges for several books.

Please note: I am happy to take UK cheques and postal orders or payments through Paypal.

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DONE Sending...

Samantha Hayman | Reply 23.08.2017 12.14

I'd very much like to get hold of both Embroidered with White and White Embroidered Costume Accessories, to be sent to New Zealand. Are they still available?

Heather Toomer 23.08.2017 23.18

Yes, both available. Cost including air mail to N.Z. is £59 - sorry, no reduction for 2 as post has risen. Please email to arrange.

Vicki | Reply 08.08.2017 01.21

I'm interested in purchasing Embroidered with White, White Embroidered Costume Accessories, and European Laces. I'm in the US. Can you give ma combined cost?

Ann Rosenthal | Reply 23.06.2017 11.50

Thanks for message, yes I will have European Laces .... will pay by Paypal if possible .... thanks.

Ann Rosenthal | Reply 17.06.2017 17.07

Hello Heather,
Would like your book 'European Lace' please let me know the price + post.
I am UK and bought from you several times before and love them all.

Heather Toomer 18.06.2017 17.50

Dear Ann,
Glad you like my books. European Laces is now £5.50 including post I'm afraid - postage has gone up since I last updated. If that's OK please email me

Joady Gorelick | Reply 08.10.2015 08.30

I would like to buy a copy of your book "White-embroidered Costume Accessories". I have a PayPal account and live in the US. Please advise. Thank you

Lori a. Croy | Reply 13.09.2015 03.40

Dear Heather
I just want to thank you for your book:Antique Lace. I am new to lace collecting and your book is a godsend. Lori

Grietje van Duijn | Reply 31.12.2014 13.43

Dear Heather, I would like to purchase a copy of EMBROIDERED WITH WHITE
Ik have a PayPal account
Best wishes and a happy new year
Grietje van Duijn

Carolyn Webb | Reply 30.04.2014 02.28

Heather, I would like to purchase a copy of White-embroidered Costume Accessories. I have a paypal account. How much for the book and postage. Carolyn

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08.11 | 07:34

Dear Gin,
I am always happy to advise on lace collections. Do contact me direct on and we can discuss options for me to see it. Heather

07.11 | 15:31

We have a collection of lace from my grandmother (1900 - 1976) and would like someone knowledgeable to look at it. Please could you recommend someone? Thank you

29.09 | 13:50

Ann, Many thanks for giving that feedback. I should have the next book in the series out this winter - Watch this space! I'm very glad the books help, Heather

23.09 | 22:41

I have probably all the books you have written.
They are all wonderful and have taught me so much.

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